Media Information

Providing comments and participate in the filming of programs

Employees of the group of companies can provide comments for the media online. To do this, send an email request –

The response time to emails – no more than 20 minutes during working hours in Moscow.

We can comment in both Russian and English. However, be prepared to provide a translator from your language into Russian at our request.

The main topics are information security, information systems and environments (including the Internet), software development, advertising and marketing, internal corporate communications.

Please be sure to include your operational contacts, the name of the media you represent, and the name of the program in the letter.

In some cases, we need a written request on the form of the media with the signature of the responsible person (editor-in-chief, executive producer). In exceptional cases, we will not be able to give a prompt response. In this case, we will either give you an answer within seven days, or within three days we will notify you of the need for a longer expectation of an answer (Articles 39, 40 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media”)