Automated Information System for Children’s Health Camps

Solution that provides complete automation of the camps on the basis of 1C: Enterprise

The software was developed in close collaboration with suburban stationary health camps.

The information system consists of modules:

  • Director (head) of the camp;
  • Administrator on duty;
  • Medical officer;
  • Head of production (canteen);
  • Educator / counselor;

With the help of the software is carried out keeping these children base their distribution of orders, taking into account age and sex composition and the capacity of the shell, taking into account the arrival of logging-disposal of children from institutions, the magazine receiving outpatient health center, log grading products dining.

It is possible to fine-tune typical output forms (squad lists, magazines, statements).

The software is delivered both as a standard industry solution and is being finalized in accordance with the specifics of a particular institution. It is possible to create a unified information system for a network of health camps

NOTE! This software is distributed only in Russian and takes into account the peculiarities of Russian legislation. System refinement can be carried out only for the CIS countries and only for use in Russian.

Minimal technical requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and higher, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and higher or equivalent;
  • Intel Pentium Celeron 2400 MHz and higher or equivalent;
  • 1024 Mb RAM and higher;
  • 40 Gb HDD;
  • At least two free USB ports;
  • Printer (optional, for printing reports);
  • Keyboard, mouse;
  • The presence of the technological platform “1C: Enterprise” version not lower than 8.2;

Software Licensing

For end users, the software is provided under a non-exclusive license.
For a personal licensing offer, please contact us.

When buying two or more products for different health camps, special conditions apply.

Demo Software

Demos of the system are not distributed. It is possible to order a demonstration of the system on the territory of the customer.